This type of professional makeup is used for close-up fashion photography as it is mainly focussed on the face and hair, but it can also include the hands or feet – depending on the product being advertised. And since beauty makeup quite often needs to be very theatrical and high impact, the makeup artist needs to be both innovative and creative with her makeup techniques. If the products being advertised are skin care products, the makeup artist must keep the makeup soft and natural so as not to overshadow the advertised products. On the other hand, jewellery might need makeup that compliments it and sometimes to compete with it – in a primal clash of colour. It is most important that the makeup artist completely understands the needs of the advertisement team and critically – the best way to advertise the brand, and so she needs to bring all her skills and experience to the table. A professional makeup artist must be experienced with makeup for these close-in fashion photography shots and in particular, be aware of the lighting that will be used. In many trendy fashion shots, a coloured background is used which can completely change the pallor of the model’s makeup. So the makeup artist needs to know how to skilfully use her palette to counter these complex lighting effects. And let’s not forget that makeup is not only for the face – many campaigns dictate that models have all-over makeup coverage or body art. And airbrushing is a great new technique, particularly useful when body painting or body art is needed for a campaign – and also when a flawless facial finish is required.  For close-up shots, the makeup must be impeccable and the professional makeup artist who is experienced and successful in this type of work is truly an artist of exceptional skill and creativity. Zoë Tranter has years of exceptional experience in close-up beauty makeup and has now brought her talents to Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Her fully mobile makeup business is a delight to her clients, who find that her professional expertise and broad skill base is a huge benefit to their campaigns. For more information on professional beauty makeup – for close-up shots, airbrushing and body art – please contact Zoë on 0412 275 102, email at or fill in her enquiry form.